Monday, January 2, 2017

Cold but Still Beautiful Danube

And so we went on another amazing trip…. Wait, let me forward a couple of lines!

“ESN Timisoara has the pleasure to invite you all to spend a wonderful day discovering a little bit more of the Romanian culture and beautiful landscapes on the blue Danube.  And that’s how the Cruise on the Danube started. From the very beginning, the students were excited to see our Romanian side of blue Danube and that’s how we ended up with more than 50 subscriptions in the first night after we had posted the event.

Finally, the most expected day arrived: the day of the amazing trip with international people. We gathered early in the morning and as sleepy as we were we knew we would have an incredible day.  STOP right there! Incredible, but freezing day I mean. Yes, I could not help myself continue without writing down this tiny detail. I share this with you because the majority of our “Latin colleagues” (and I am talking about Spanish, Italians and Portuguese, our most common “guests”) don’t experience negative temperatures at home or worse, they haven’t seen snow in their life.  And so the trip with freezing temperatures started.  

As we arrived at Sarmisegetuza Ulpia Traiana and we got out of the bus, the cold hit our faces. Most of us met a very furry friend, a dog that was colder than us all and that was waiting for some affection from the lovely Erasmus. The walk along the old Dacian ruins was one of the most expected parts of the trip. The students listened carefully to all the guide’s explanations in order to refresh their memory with the history of our ancestors.

When we finished the tour our fluffy friend decided to remain in Sarmis and we had to take off to see the beautiful Danube, the statue of Decebal, Mraconia Monastery, Tabula Traiana and the “boilers” as we call that area of the Danube. After we arrived in Orsova, we went to warm up a bit and eat before the most expected cruise.

As we stepped on the boat ESN had a very special and sweet treat for our foreign friends: vişinată (a very sweet liquor made of sour cherries) and dulceataţă pe pâine bread with marmalade. Our Erasmus buddies loved the treat and were more excited to see what the Danube had to offer. They didn’t even mind the cold wind and they went on the deck to chat and enjoyed the surroundings.

All in all, the trip was a success and even if outside was really cold everybody had fun, made new friends and got closer from each other.

Article written by Marina Niculescu
Edited by Iasmina Alstani

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