Friday, July 17, 2015

Dancing the Erasmus away

             If you ever wondered what's new in Timisoara and how international students cope with their Erasmus life, you have come upon the right page. We have your answer: on June 3rd, in West University of Timisoara's main hallway, our Erasmus students together with our volunteers managed to promote the mobility and the idea of interculturalism with some dance moves. The Biggest Erasmus Flashmob happened that day, and we had a blast!

It all has started with the sound of violine played by former ESN Timisoara's President and present ESN Romania's Vice President -- George Apostolescu, while our choreographer and friend Mohamed Irkousi (a.k.a Hamade)started to show off his contemporary dance moves on Avicii's Hey Brother song that you could hear in the background. Other students began to join Hamade and thus our flashmob has begun. It might sound easy, but we actually had some work to do to make this happen.

         The first one to come with the idea was our Vice President - Claudia Petruse, who fought hard to make this the best flashmob ever. Her idea was supported by White Steps Dance School and Hamade, who taught us the moves and was by our side at every single rehearsal out of 5 we had in total. At the very event there were aproximately 30 persons who took part in the flashmob -- Erasmus students, a couple of dancers from White Steps, and our ESN Timisoara volunteers. The aim of this flashmob was to promote and encourage the Erasmus+ mobility, as well as interculturalism. The evnt was also supported by West University of Timisoara's Department of International Relations.

We are thankful to every single person that supported and helped! Cheers! 

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