Thursday, November 3, 2011


Get dressed in the colour that represents your relationship status (or in the colour of the relationship status you would like to have :P) and join us for a great party in Cristalis Bar on Wednesday.

You should wear something:
• Red – if you are in a relationship/unavailable
• Yellow – if you are “maybe”
• Green – if you are available

Your relationship status is what this night will focus on, so do your best to dress in a way that speaks for this, otherwise you might not be able to see whether your friends are willing to flirt :)

Bar Cristalis is happy to host our crazy events and is situated in the Complex, near the Doughnuts shop and near Colisse bar. Check out the map here:

They are welcoming us with special prices perfect for the pocket of an Erasmus.

You can also bring your friends, but make sure they stick to the dress code of this party :) See you there on Wednesday at 10 PM! Try not to mislead the others too much with the colour you wear :)

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