Saturday, January 7, 2012

Erasmus New Year's Eve

Don’t worry, we know that 2012 has already begun, but if we take the old style calendar into consideration, it would begin on the 14th of January :)

Given the fact that you didn’t get to spend the New Year’s Eve together, and to enter the year in a very Erasmus style – partying together – we have decided to take this opportunity and start the old calendar year with a typical Erasmus party. You know that it is said that your year will be just like it is during New Year’s Eve, so what better way to start 2012 than an Erasmus party?

This party will be a gift from the newly born ESN Timisoara, so there will be free entrance for you and several surprises during the night :)

Since it is probably the most multicultural New Year’s Eve you’ll ever attend, please be so kind and share the traditions in your country on this special occasion. In this way we would all get to learn about these and truly enjoy the multicultural ambient :)

The dress code for this event is the one you normally adopt in our own country on New Year’s Eve.

As you very well know, 12 o’clock is a key moment on this occasion, so please try to be there before :)

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