Monday, February 27, 2012

Erasmus Dance

Our beloved Erasmus,

Spring is almost here, and we are feeling more and more energetic. That is why we can dance for ESN International - Annual General Meeting, which is going to be held in Granada, this March.

All we have to do is follow this choreography: and do the same in a representative location in Timisoara, record it and have fun! The clip is going to be added to a presentation of the all ESN sections.

When? - Tuesday, February 28th 2012, 4pm

Where? - at the Timisoara Bastion (see location in the picture below)

Who? - You Erasmus, of course :) and the ESN volunteers

Why? - Because we can, it is fun and we are pround of our Erasmus community in Timisoara

What to wear? - the ESN colours: something blue, pink, green or orange, your choice

Let's dance, feel the beat and the rhythm!

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