Friday, December 2, 2011

Erasmus Christmas Party

Christmas is on its way and we know that what you have built here during the last months represents a family to you by now. This is why this Wednesday we will gather to celebrate Christmas with the Erasmus family before you go back home!

This event will include 2 major activities: Secret Santa and Miss and Mister Erasmus.

Secret Santa - you will have to buy a present for a person whose name you will get, and you will receive a present from somebody. Try to be creative when choosing your gift, they are meant to be personal :) And please keep this a secret for the person who will receive a gift from you, a surprise is always nice :)

Miss and Mister Erasmus will be chosen during the Erasmus Christmas Party, so dress up and get ready to choose or to become the most desired Erasmus around :)

There will also be many other surprises for you from the ESN volunteers, who will be your Santas for a night :)

This event will take place at EVE Fashion Lounge, a very fashionable location for the very fashionable people you hide inside :)

SELLING POINT: Monday @ Erasmus Office Caminul 13 @ 9PM

On Monday you will receive the name of the person you have to get a gift for in Secret Santa.

The party will take place on Wednesday, December 7th, at 9PM.

Please remember to APPLY for Secret Santa by writing your NAME (real one please) in this form before Monday at 6 PM:

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